A Junior Enterprise is student-run business that offers a service to enhance the experience of a students across the United States.

our purpose

Junior Enterprises exist to close the gap between theory and practice and form better prepared students out of college.

As the marketplace evolves and education lags this transformation, there is a huge need for students to have real entrepreneurial experience and work in relevant projects before they graduate.

This experience empowers them to learn more about themselves and what they wish for their careers while also better preparing Junior Entrepreneurs for future success through the development of marketable skills such as management, leadership, marketing, and sales.


Junior Enterprises may provide a wide-variety of services to their local community. These services depend on the students' interests, skills, and area of study.

JE USA has no say in what services students decide to offer to their community, but we offer them the tools to be successful in whatever area they decide to pursue. Ultimately, we ensure that the projects delivered meet the Junior Enterprise standards of high-quality and affordability.

Junior Enterprises change college education as a whole by providing students with the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real world projects. At the same time, our companies help develop small business and impact the community.
— Adriana Guetter, Founder



Whats makes a Junior Enterprise:

  • We are non-profit, non-religious and non-political

  • We are managed entirely by students

  • We are linked to a higher-education institution, even if not legally

  • We encourage members to develop an entrepreneur spirit and start their own projects

  • We have as an end-goal the development of our students, professionally and personally


As students get to manage and interact with actual companies, members create a network with their prospective employers and become more confident on their skills. It makes the transition from college to industry a lot smoother.
— Vitor Valentim, Founder