Junior Enterprise Tiers

Junior Enterprise USA has four tiers of Junior Enterprises, defined as:

  1. Junior Initiative: A group of dedicated junior entrepreneurs who are working to start an official Junior Enterprise.
  2. Bronze JE: A Junior Enterprise that has done all basic founding groundwork and is set up for future success.
  3. Silver JE: A sustainable Junior Enterprise that has done all groundwork to have the capacity to stay around for years to come.
  4. Gold JE: An outstanding Junior Enterprise that is to be recognized for the quality of its projects, culture, and support the Junior Enterprise Network.

Below, we present to you our Gold Junior Enterprises, which must be recognized for their continuous success and for constantly giving back to the JE USA network.

CUBE Consulting

Founded in 2012 at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, CUBE Consulting was the first Junior Enterprise started in the United States. 

Offering business, engineering and design consulting services to local firms, CUBE's mission is to "grow their members’ leadership potential and consulting skills through real world business experience".

The JE has always excelled in quality of projects delivered and professionalism. As of April, 2018, it just became the first Gold Junior Enterprise in the JE USA network.

Learn more about CUBE at: www.cubeconsulting.org